Degree Progress

In order to stay on track and take the right courses to progress towards a degree, students work with their advisors and keep track of their degree progress with . Learn more about changing how courses apply to degrees with the academic petition process, how to change major and minors, and how to earn a certificate or associate-level degree while pursuing a bachelor's degree at 91Թ˵ijԹ.

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DegreeWorks: Track Program Progress

Students and advisors can monitor progress toward degree completion, track petitions and advising notes, and use the "What If" feature in DegreeWorks.

Please contact your advisor with questions about your DegreeWorks audit. Your advisor should be listed at the top of your DegreeWorks audit. If no advisor is listed, find your advisor.

Classes Not Applying in DegreeWorks

Speak with your advisor if courses aren't applying in your degree audit as expected.

Academic Petitions and Degree Progress

Degree Programs Not Showing Properly

Can't find a major or minor in your degree audit or having issues using DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks Help