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Residence Halls

North, East, and West Halls are the three residence halls in the 91Թ˵ijԹ residential community. 91Թ˵ijԹ’s residence halls offer suite-style housing with one (single suite), two (double suite) or four (quad suite) bedrooms and one or two bathrooms within each suite.  Most bedrooms are private bedrooms, but each hall also has a limited number of shared-bedroom suites that offer a more economical option. Each hall houses approximately 200 students and features common-area lobbies with community kitchens, lounges for studying and socializing, and laundry facilities. 

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    Floor Plans

    [Quad Suite - Single]

    Floorplan for a quad suite with private rooms in the residence halls.

    [Quad Suite - Double]

    Floorplan for a quad suite with shared rooms in the residence halls.

    [Single Suite]*

    Floorplan for a single suite in the residence halls.

    [Double Suite]

    Floorplan for a double suite in the residence halls.


    * Please note: single suites in the residence halls are very limited and are typically reserved for Residence Life staff, seniors or graduate students.

Main Apartment Complex (MAC)

The six-building Main Apartment Complex, known on campus as “MAC,” offers apartment-style living for students. Each apartment has four single-bedrooms plus a shared kitchen, bathroom, living room, and storage area. The MAC apartments are typically reserved for students who have lived on campus at least one year, or students 21 years of age or older.

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    Floor Plans

    [Private Bedroom]

    Floorplan for a quad suite with private rooms in the MAC apartments.

    [Shared Bedroom]

    Floorplan for a quad suite with shared rooms in the MAC apartments.

Templewood Townhomes

The upper-level of each Templewood Townhome includes two single bedrooms, one shared bedroom, and two bathrooms. A kitchen, living room, half-bath, laundry room and storage closet are located on the middle level, and a two-car garage and additional storage complete the ground level. Availability in the Templewood Townhomes is very limited and typically reserved for students 21 years of age or older.

  • All utilities included
  • In-suite bathrooms
  • Beds, desks dressers and basic furniture
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access
  • Kitchen (in MAC and Templewood units only)

The residence halls have community kitchens in the lobbies.  Individual suites in the halls do not have kitchens; therefore, residents must select from one of the various convenient meal plans offered through .

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 To see inside the Gorsuch Commons, the Residence Hall lobbies and the MAC and Templewood Common areas, visit the Admissions website for a campus tour (click on the Take a Virtual Tour box and choose 91Թ˵ijԹ Housing Tour):  

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A number of the MAC apartments and residence hall suites are specifically designed to accommodate students with both temporary and permanent disabilities. Available equipment includes barrier-free furniture, shower benches, bed shakers, fire horns, and strobes. Approved service animals for persons with disabilities are welcome in student housing. Verification of the need of the service must be provided by the student to Disabilities Support Services (DSS) located in the Rasmuson Hall, Room 105, prior to the student assuming occupancy. For more information call DSS at 786-4530 (V) or 786-4536 (TTY). Students who experience disabilities and wish to request housing-related adjustments or accommodations should notify the Residence Life office as well as contacting the Office of Disability Support Services


  • In-hall private lounges
  • UPD-patrolled parking lots & close connection/support from UPD to ensure safety
  • Parking
  • Internet
  • Laundry facilities
  • Live-in student staff
  • Full time maintenance support
  • Garbage & recycling bins
  • Snow removal/shovel/plow/sanding
  • In-hall kitchens
  • Dining & Convenience Store within community
  • Safety - multiple key swipes and pin code, etc.
  • Vending machines
  • In-Hall Classrooms & 91Թ˵ijԹ courses in OCL
  • On-Call duty/crisis support
  • Live-in, master level professional staff
  • ATM
  • Programs/entertainment